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Sex and Mind Control



Sexual Mind Control
How to Make Girls Wet
With Your Eyes...

I love having "innocent" conversations laced with sexual tension.

Because, it's not what you say, it's HOW you say it. You don't want a woman to look at you as just a friend; you want her to *feel* a SEXUAL TENSION every time you speak to her. She has to FEEL your masculine intent, and that she's in immediate danger of being laid on her back around you.

And that ability to project sexuality to a woman is fundamental - and key to nonverbal sexual mind control.

After all, there's a big difference between just "he's an attractive guy" to "I want to f*ck this guy right now!".

Women often won't act on simple attraction alone, but when they feel physical, visceral, can't-explain-it, hot-in-the-pants, SEXUAL attraction, they will go out of their way to seduce YOU. They'll offer you their number, take your calls, and try to make excuses to talk with you.

Routines, lines, and tips aren't going to be much help if fundamentally you're not a sexually masculine MAN.

Ever feel like a conversation went "just okay" or went nowhere but there was NO sexual attraction?

In fact, I know some guys whose entire game is all about projecting a sexual state and very little else. Often, the ability to project a sexual state alone will get you laid.

After all, women tend to "follow the leader" when it comes to feelings and will automatically FOLLOW YOUR STATE and go into a sexual state themselves.

Of course, you can't "think" your way into sexual projection or women will instantly notice that trying to be someone you're not. And me telling you to "just do it" isn't much help either, because you don't have the concrete set of beliefs and habits installed deep.

Well, that's what the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program does, it's like spiking your cologne with pheromones by installing a new set of beliefs and habits directly into your mind, bypassing your critical thought process through a profound trance. 

My Friend the “Natural”...
Who Changed My Life Forever

Back in the day, I had this one friend who just exuded a playful, talkative, social state.  Whenever he was around women he just seemed to have a miraculous effect on them, leading women into a great state along with him.

He’d regularly talk to women in their early 20s, get them laughing, and get them touching him.


These girls were HALF HIS AGE (he was in his late 40s) and yet they LOVED him.

I couldn’t explain it… here I was being a NICE GUY and couldn’t get women to pay any attention to me.

I’d ask him what his “secret” was and he just told me, “You’re young, you have a lot of time to figure it out!”

Geez Thanks… BIG HELP!

So I asked myself, why do some guys just seem to have that “magical ingredient” that just seems to work with women?   And why didn’t I have it too?

Hijacking A "Glitch"
In The Female Brain...

I noticed that all best "naturals" with women share ONE common characteristic.

They DON'T use "patterns", "tactics", "games", or "routines".

In fact, I came to realize that pick-up lines, seductive verbal patterns, and skillful languaging skills were all secondary to a DEEPER level of sexual communication that a woman has NO CHOICE but to respond to.

Most of attraction is from your nonverbal cues, not your words

The key to hard attraction is to understand where feelings of lust, desire, and attraction originate in the woman’s brain.

You see, the human brain has evolved over millions of years, through a series of stages.

The first and most primal part of the brain is the brain stem.  Our brain stem controls various processes such as breathing, heartbeat, and the flight or fight response.

The second part of the brain, having evolved later, is the limbic brain

The limbic brain controls compulsions such as lust, desire, and attraction.  The Limbic brain is the female pleasure center because sexual stimuli that she experiences passes directly to it.

Lastly, the neo-cortex provides logic and thought, allowing for human speech, planning and critical judgment.

Untangling A HUGE

Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control shows you how to directly stimulate the woman's limbic brain, her pleasure center, and bypass her neo-cortex, which rationalizes reasons to judge you.

Neocortex Limbic brain
Language Nonverbal
Thoughts Feelings
Rational Instinctual
Judgment Sexual
Choice No choice
Conscious Unconscious

And by tapping directly into a woman’s limbic brain, you’re communicating with her feelings of lust and mating rather than with her neo-cortex which controls resistance and critical judgment.

That’s why an average looking or short guy can create HARD attraction in women by sexually stimulating their limbic brain.

And yes, that goes for conversation as well. There's no need to spit pickup lines, fancy patterns, or complicated pickup tactics - all of which must filter through the woman's critical neo-cortex that filters language.

But by tapping the limbic brain directly instead, it compels the woman to respond on a far deeper level that has nothing to do with reason or words.

I used to think that if I learned the right “lines” and “techniques”, everything else would just fall into place.

But even with the "perfect line" or "conversation topic", most women will completely blow you off.

That's because she's ALREADY judged you and rejected you, BEFORE YOU EVEN OPENED YOUR MOUTH.

But if you touch her on a DEEPER level and hit her LIMBIC brain, and she likes what she sees and feels, it doesn’t matter WHAT you say.

Literally, I talk about COMPUTER PROGRAMMING to the 8s, 9s, and 10s, because I'm HARD attracting them through the Nonverbal Sexual Cues.

I'll approach women with a cheesy pick up line that other guys JUST got blown out with, and I’ll STILL have her attention.

That's why developing a mastery of nonverbal sexual mind control, that women are biologically programmed to respond to, is CRITICAL to success with women.

Without it, EVERYTHING ELSE you do is meaningless.

And with it, you have an INSTANT advantage over all other men.

The True Story of Celebrity
Seducing Miranda

Take the true story of Miranda, a mystery woman who kept ongoing phone conversations with dozens of celebrities over 15 years.

Sting, Bob Dylan, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Ted Kennedy, and Richard Gere all fell under the spell of her flirty, sexy, breathy voice. Billy Joel was so smitten by this woman that he had never met, that he sent her a diamond-studded Rolex.

The woman, who claimed on the phone to be a model named Miranda, turned out to really be a dumpy, overweight social worker from Louisiana.

Yet she was able to seduce these celebrity stars just with the sound of her voice alone.

How This Works On A
Far DEEPER Level

You can control a woman on a primal level through nonverbal sexual mind control, just like "Miranda" controlled many celebrities. 

Underneath the "good girl" (socially conditioned neo-cortex) is the kinky Tigress animal - Limbic

For instance, you can make women feel aroused and sexually excited just through your eye movements alone. 

 You also learn,

  • How to use physical intrusion of intimate space to electrify sexual chemistry between you and the woman.
  • How to play your voice like a musical instrument to create sexual rapport through vibrant resonance, sexy tempo, and smooth tonality to make women fall in love with your voice as soon as you start talking to them.
  • The difference between the smile "look" and the smile "act" for creating sexual rapport and connection in an intimate encounter and from across a room.
  • The three secrets of body language to make women instantly comfortable around you.
  • How to initiate physical contact to create sexual connection and rapport within the first 60 seconds of meeting any woman.
  • How to eliminate the negative repulsion factor that women are biologically 100 times more sensitive to than men, and that most guys are giving off without even knowing it.
  • How to STACK and COMBINE sexual cues all at once for a geometrical increase in a woman's positive response rate to you.
  • Create connection and rapport with women at a distance, shutting out any other guy friend "distractions" she may have around her.
  • The #1 method for triggering women's sex hormones to release and amp up the sexual attraction in seconds WITHOUT the need to speak.
  • How to "slide" under women's radar of resistance so that they're happy and interested to continue talking.
  • How to detect a woman's boundaries for the best possible sexual response from her.
  • How to communicate with a woman's automatic, behavioral responses until you turn the tables and she begins gaming YOU.
  • The science behind chemicals like Phenylethylamine that accelerates sexual attraction and how to trigger its release in women reliably and consistently.
  • How to covertly touch a woman in casual conversation to make her hot... and how NOT to do it.
  • 5 simple tweaks to the way you stand that FORCE your body to project a primal dominance, which literally triggers an animal magnetism that moves women to approach you
  • A way to adjust your eyes when you look at a woman that gives her a “shock” of sexual attraction (this technique is a FREAKSHOW… but it WORKS)
  • A slight change to make in your VOICE when you first speak to a woman that will instantly cut the chances of her rejecting you in HALF
  • A body language secret that you can use to communicate MASCULINE POWER and SEXUAL ENERGY simply by WALKING
  • “Bad Body Language”… the mistakes most guys make that you’re going to want to AVOID at all costs (Once you hear the list, you’ll be saying “Ah Ha!” and eliminating these deal-killers immediately)

Make Women Approach
and Talk to YOU...

It literally took me YEARS to master the nonverbal mind control (I've been doing this since 2000) and learn all of the “tips and tricks”… because I didn’t know exactly what to look for…

It was a frustrating experience of trial and error and a lot of failures and painful rejections.

But when you have it fully explained and know EXACTLY what to do, you can do the exact same things YOURSELF and instantly get great results... without all the pain I went through!

And you’re going to be able to pop in this program and in just a few short hours know more than 99% of men will EVER know about nonverbal attraction… and you’ll be able to use what you learn IMMEDIATELY to improve your success with women.

This program isn’t going to “cut down” your learning curve… it’s going to exponentially accelerate it. By the time you’re finished going through it, you’ll have a powerful new skill that gives you an almost “unfair” advantage over all other men.

Imagine what your friends will think when a woman they are talking to all-of-a-sudden STOPS paying attention to them and starts talking to YOU… even though you haven’t said a word… (You’ll learn how to do this in the program).

Imagine how it will feel when an attractive woman picks you out of a crowd and approaches YOU and starts a conversation…

And… how you’ll be able to tell that she is attracted you just by looking at her eyes and where puts hands…

Nothing mystical or magic here, I've simply modeled everything from what concretely works IN the FIELD, and that's why Nonverbal Cuing has the powerful effect that it does.

Best of all, I demonstrate how to acquire these nonverbal sexual skills quickly, WITHOUT memorization or study.  

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Here’s Everything You’re
Getting Right Now

Meeting women will no longer feel like “work”, but becomes fun again...

Women respond pro-actively and positively to you…

The 9’s and 10’s who were once “out of your league” now talk to you and touch you back...

You start getting two or three phone numbers every time you step out the door…

The feeling of anxiety is completely gone and replaced with a sense of relaxed happiness…

Other guys start to treat you with newfound respect (and a little jealousy)…

And the girls you meet will be far higher quality then before and LIKE you for who you are…

So Why Hasn’t Anything Else
Before Worked?

I’m betting that you already KNOW more than the average guy off the street about attracting women.

But KNOWING isn’t the same as SUCCESS.

Because if you “know” too much without a rock-solid foundation, it produces ANXIETY and FEAR that you will screw up what you’re “supposed” to do.

When in fact everything you “know” is WORTHLESS without your nonverbal sexual game down.  And then, EVERYTHING ELSE falls into place.

For instance, even if your “conversation skills” still need work, with the right nonverbal mind control it won’t matter… your success will skyrocket because women don’t listen to your words, they FEEL who you are.

Rapidly Transform Yourself...
In a NEW Way

That’s why this program will transform your subconscious mind to exude a sexual confidence and sociability that women will NOTICE… and then AMPLIFY that state so that women feel SEXUAL attraction.  

Just in the same way that you’ve practiced certain limiting and negative thoughts most of your life, this program will install and reinforce the positive ones to make them strong and powerful.

And anytime you need to get the feeling back or get motivated, just pop in a CD until the lesson's programming reinforces itself.

Eventually you’ll be able to get back into “the zone” on command – that state where you’re at your best and everything just seems to “magically click” into place.

That’s the place you FEEL the power when you spot an attractive woman, and instead of standing there frozen, you go right up to her with ZERO anxiety and the inner smile that comes with confidence and sexual charisma… and walk away with her phone number.

You’ll FEEL the power when, instead of trying to buy women’s affections with flowers, compliments, and expensive dinners, women are attracted just to your ENERGY and sexual PRESENCE.

You’ll FEEL the power when you’re quicker on your feet and sharper with your responses… and having that playful sense of humor that would normally take months if not YEARS to develop.

You’ll FEEL the power when you’re the center of any party, shining with energy, when women know there’s a guy with REAL charisma – the guy who LEADS the social circle and possesses the room.

If you know the “code”, you have an advantage over 99% of the men in the room.

But if you don’t (as most men don’t), women’s patience with you will be short – and you’ll feel the sting of being let down again and again.

Why Your Future Sexual
Success Depends On this

There are three reasons why you need to get this program RIGHT NOW:

1. Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control is VITALLY IMPORTANT to sparking and building HARD attraction with women (Translation: If you don’t understand it, your chances of success with a particular woman are a FRACTION of what they could be)

2. If you don’t know exactly how to READ and USE nonverbal sexual mind control correctly, chances are you’re reading it and using it WRONG… which is hurting you more than you could probably imagine.

3. Great sexual mind control skills are NOT difficulat to develop… it's as simple as learning the secrets and remembering to use them.

If you’re like I was when I started, there is a very good chance that tapping into the limbic mind of women is a critical “missing link” that will make EVERYTHING work better for you. But there is only one way to find out…

By getting yourself a copy of the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

As always, if you have any questions about this program, click here to shoot me an email.

Your friend,

Jesse Charger