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Kabbazah (The Art of Milking Lingam Tru Yoni)





The Art of Milking Lingam through Yoni


Kabbazah is a term originates from ancient sexual rituals of Arabs and Egypt. Most of the courtesans and some women were trained such that they could use their PC-Muscles so effectively to turn their yoni into a sucking machine. In Thailand there are many shows of women performing Kabbazah, who can draw in and expell fluids into their vaginas.


The world record of Kabbazah belongs Russian athlete Tatiana Kozhevnikov, who could  lift 31 lb  (16 kg) glass balls by only using her vaginal PC-muscles ( . She trained her vaginal muscles by using weights and Ben-Waa Balls, Kegel Perineometer (Peritron).



Kabbazah (Pompoir) is the art to train and control the pelvic floor.

Originated from a technique called sahajoli, an ancient Indian tradition that includes, among other things, elements from a secret training once known only to Indian temple dancers, Hindu Devadassi and Greek courtesans. Pompoir is referenced as "holding firm" in Taoism, "kabazzah" or "the velvet grip" in the Arabic language, and in the Far East as the "Singapore kiss."

A woman learns to identify, and isolate individual muscles. Acquiring the ability to control such actions as pulsing, squeezing, extruding (like milking a cow) and twisting just by controlling your pelvic muscles when your partner is inside of you, bringing him to ultimate orgasms bliss

 Conscientious and continued training in this way is what made the Japanese Geishas and Thai courtesans so sexually talented; allowing them to propel small objects, extinguish burning candles with their vaginas. While you may not aspire to toss ping-pong balls to an audience using only your vaginal muscles as did a character in the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, heightening sexual pleasure for you and your partner is certainly achievable using this same improved muscle control.

By training your PC-Muscles by a Kegel Perineometer (Peritron) you can easily enjoy this great genital fitness, as it build powerful sexual skills, whether you are a teenager on yours 18 or postmenopausal woman.


By practicing Kabbazah techniques, using a Kegel Perineometer, you can:


  • Strengthen vaginal walls
  • Give orgasms to any man without any touch, just by milking him.
  • Achieve multiple orgasms without any touch
  • Regain vaginal tightness
  • Control vaginal muscles
  • Allow orgasms through penetration
  • Expand your sexual response and expand your orgasms

    Here is what people say as they describe Pompoir:

    img"Better than blow job"

    img"Men luckily enough to be with a woman trained on this technique, will experience the most delicious sexual nirvana."

 “It's like having a warm, velvet glove wrapped around the penis, stroking and gripping and twisting you into a pleasure heaven”.

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